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Achieving Peak Performance allows leaders to succeed well beyond average performance curves of typical teams. Traditional performance lifecycles characteristically reach only average or above average peaks as identified by the blue-capped performance curves. When departments are poorly managed, performance drops to below average levels and bottoms-out in red valleys. If uncorrected, a weakened and disengaged workforce develops and employees become dissillusioned and lost with team destruction occurring shortly after.

To achieve peak performance, top executives ensure a strong company infrastructure along with direction and support for their talent. But even in the best of organizations, executive decisions can sometimes lack strategic focus and visceral impact. When this happens, the opportunity to create a deliberate culture of peak performance is lost. We believe peak-performance practices create deliberate culture and powerful brands.

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Service organizations that are impeccably crafted, seamlessly integrated, and organically creative, grab the attention of their target audience, powerfully reinforce the brand and encourage actions that benefit the company. Our research reveals achieving peak performance ultimately focuses on: leadership style and strategies for operational excellence.

Leadership Style is the process of 360 relationship building, of influencing employees and teams by providing optimum direction, meaningful support and passionate engagement thus creating the best possible motivational environment, maximum team performance and exceptional guest/customer experience. The peak-performance mindset embraces proactive versus reactive engagement. Effective leadership involves being in touch with the values and behaviors of each team member and acquiring daily the team NEWS (Needs, Expectations, Wants, and Suggestions). The power of teamwork is more than the sum of the individuals; team members who are fully engaged and aligned in vision, mission and core values become the heart and soul of fulfilling potential.

Strategies for Operational Excellence involve organizational alignment and departmental balance. Organizational alignment is a process of vertical thrust, of providing organizational structure using the building blocks of vision, mission and core values. These elements continuously cascade-down and rise-up throughout the organization thus developing its essence and spirit-of-being. Departmental balance is the process of horizontal thrust, of enabling work to efficiently get-done-right featuring transparent handoffs from one department to another resulting in the smooth flow of products, services and memorable experiences. Operational strategies ultimately affect the total guest/customer experience resulting from efficient infrastructure, impassioned employees and return on investment. By aligning strategies, balancing inter-departmental dynamics and fine-tuning leadership style, operational insights are acquired on how to better stage, run, and sustain constructive change in the journey to achieve peak performance.

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